Beejom Aarogya

Farming communities struggle to access good health care. While they are by and large extremely fit thanks to the many hours spent outdoors and doing so much physical activity; they too need access to good medical care. Women and children have a lot of nutritional deficiencies that snowball into larger issues if not attended to early on. Maternal and paediatric health therefore is an important issue.

So we started Beejom Aarogya. It is a small bi-weekly clinic for the neighbouring farming families. Specialists from good hospitals around us kindly visit us and conduct free OPD clinics for the farmers. We have had paediatricians, skin specialists, general physicians and gynaecologists visit us and conduct clinics. The doctors also distribute basic medicines (sponsored by us)to patients and assist those who have medical complications to avail better care at a hospital. This is invaluable for farmers around us who struggle to access to basic health care due to their poor economic status.