Beejom Jaivik Krishi Upaj Mandi

The “Beejom Jaivik Krishi Upaj Mandi" on Saturday and “The Beejom Sunday Brunch” take place every weekend on the farm in Noida. It is from 4-7 pm on Saturdays and 9am to 12pm on sundays. This happens in front of a beautiful cattle shed housing 11 breeds of beautiful indigenous cattle from across India, who are the heart of the farm.

A simple fuss free rustic Mandi for chemical free farm produce has been a long standing dream and we are taking our baby steps with just four small growers. It is also a guild and support group for natural farmers who grow chemical free food but don’t know where to sell the precious perishable produce.

At Beejom, we train many farmers for free and share whatever we know about natural farming with so many people who come to us with queries. We hope more and more people learn from us and grow clean food. It is the need of the hour.

The definition of farmers at Beejom includes anyone who grows food. So all farmers including terrace gardeners from around Noida ( who are an incredible growing community themselves) can sell their surplus produce here straight from fields and balconies too at the Mandi. Since all middlemen are removed from the chain the farmer can keep his price reasonable and yet make much much more money than he would have if he sold to a middle man.

Some people come ( mostly from Noida) to buy lovely chemical free vegetables. They take a refreshing walk through our tranquil fields and enjoy interacting first hand with the farmers about the lush crops growing naturally. They touch feel and smell the produce and delight in the freshness and often learn surprising facts about the way things grow. The children meet the lovely farm animals and hear all their stories.

The Sunday Brunch is a similar experience but usually coupled with a workshop or a talk on various topics khet se pet tak to encourage urban folk in particular to take an interest in all things connected with nature. We keep people posted about these happenings on social media so that they can attend.