Beejom Kirana Dukan

The Beejom Store is a very small place where we sell what we grow and what some other small farmers grow but can't sell. A place to have a cup of our hot tea or cool Chaach. A place to shop for the Satvik food, the beautiful compost, the seed balls to plant those tall trees for our children, the saplings and seeds. So that you can grow your food and empower yourself. Buy our lovely handmade dung pots and logs to save trees and reduce the plastic. Some lovely recycled items and crafts made by indigenous communities also will be stocked. Listen to Some good old music on the radio and lots and lots of stories about those many animals on our farm who have made this possible. This shop is entirely about them and for them and come about like a dream just to be “khet se pet tak". Really a desire to capture that slow gentle living we have so forgotten. The little shop is located in Hoshiarpur in Sector 51 Noida.