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Our Founder

Aparna Rajagopal founded Beejom accidentally in 2014 while searching for land to board a horse. Today, Beejom is an institution dedicated to promoting sustainable organic farming practices, celebrating cuisine and food, and restoring the ancient relationship between animals and farmers while emphasizing soil and water conservation.Beejom serves as both an animal sanctuary and sustainable agricultural farm, utilizing natural farming techniques to grow food.

The farm's agricultural practices are centered around farm animals, with products from Indian indigenous cows being used to manufacture organic manure for the fields. Planting predominantly relies on heirloom seeds, and Beejom actively promotes Indian millets and traditional foods as a means of restoring food security, health, and ecological wealth.

Additionally, the farm operates off the grid, utilizing solar power, bio gas, rainwater harvesting techniques, and vermi-culture.Aparna's aim extends to working with farmers at the grassroots level to help them transition their holdings into organic holistic farms. She believes that clean food is not only the need of the hour but also the right of every person.

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